Turning things in

This week has been a week of what I would call “pre-submissions”, nothing I have been working on is final, but full versions of all my chapters exist and feedback is being integrated.

I have just sent my pen-ultimate version of the Montreal P budget work to my advisor, as I have integrated feedback about making tables and equations clearer and adding some references to support some assumptions. I also sent my framework paper to my advisor, after spending an intense few days trying to decide how and when to integrate co-author feedback with the help of my second author. I must say that I do love having co-authors you can really work through things with, it not only makes that one paper better, I also learn how to be a better editor when I do it alone for other projects.

I also sent my “barriers and facilitator to recycling P” to a friend of mine for a pre-review (I am trying to be a better self-editor, and I think part of that is knowing when to call upon friends and colleagues expertise when I lack it). Based on his feedback I am going to work on increasing clarity in the whole manuscript by dividing sentences (I tend to try to put too many ideas in one sentence). I am also going to read two ethnography books to try and structure the language I use in my methods section more clearly.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that I did finish my post-doc research proposal and submitted it. It wasn’t easy, but it did come together and I was able to get general feedback both from my current advisor and the potential supervisor on the proposed project. Interestingly, their feedback didn’t quite agree, but I think I was able to integrate what was needed. I don’t know if it is the strongest proposal in the world, but I am very happy that I did it. I feel less scared about writing another proposal in the near future if need be.

Still lots more work to do for my thesis, and applying to new post-doc opportunities, but I am lucky to be in a wonderful city with lots of cafes to do all this work in!

One of my favorite cafe's over the past 2.5 years in Montreal
One of my favorite cafe’s over the past 2.5 years in Montreal
new cafe discovery this week!
New cafe discovery this week!

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