IMG_0026Greetings from the Orlando airport! Because of a winter storm I have been rerouted in the opposite direction of my final destination, and will arrive home 28 hours late. It has been a week of travel (unproductive on air planes) but productive in building collaborations and continued reflection on writing in many ways.

I was at a working meeting and had the opportunity to see a lot of friends and make some great new potential collaborators. In both formal and informal discussions I picked-up some tips for better writing. Some one recommended Publish & Flourish, and we discussed how often advisors should have to look at drafts. (Basically they shouldn’t be looking at every draft, we as students need to have self-revision mechanisms and friendly peer-reviews between submissions to our busy advisors). I was nervous and reflecting if I do enough in-between independent revisions in my writing, but I know that I am definitely doing more and more of it and will continue to. I also started to draft something of a cover-letter for post-doc applications and got some advise. In addition, I had some great conversations about effective group work and co-writing and, for now, I think I want to limit my near-future collaborations to 3-4 people at a time to be able submit manuscripts in a more timely manner and get group consensus.

IMG_0028Interestingly, one of the working groups at my meeting was looking at the intersection and relation of urban ecology and the humanities, including the arts. It really seems that art-science collaborations are more wide-spread than I thought and that they are being formalized in organizations and in their study in academia. Stockholm resilience center looks at art as a part of science communication, and I found a study about art-science collaboration as a study method and as a way to create sense of place.IMG_0027

On a negative note about my journey in science communication, I didn’t get picked for 3 minutes to change the world. I am still happy I applied because if you don’t apply to opportunities you can’t get them, but it is still very disappointing.

On a positive note (I like to finish on a positive note), I took a little break for all the science conferencing and went to the botanical gardens. There was a Chihuly exhibit and it contrasted for the Montreal one I saw in the fall. Definitely makes me want to flourish as both a scientist and an artist (pun intended with the spring blossoms in the garden!).



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