Warming up

This week I have been working on manuscript editing, but I only got through step 1 and 2 of the plan I put out last week. On the up side though, I have made progress on most of my projects so my progress is not frozen, things are warming up!

Over the past few months, I have had a hard time finding good metaphors about my research (I have tied comparing P to oil, and thought about talking about cities like the human body, but from a science perspective I don’t like how they take the subtle and key differences way); I read a really wonderful blog on the periodic table last week and the post talked about N and P (some of my favorite elements as you might imagine) and I might have found a little way around a metaphor. Starting with the periodic table and working my way up in scale from there (instead of really creating a metaphor that encompasses all of my research) inspired me to alter my 1 minute science speech. In our Liber Ero training we started doing these in the fall, and I have been tweaking mine every since. Actually I submitted my new little speech to “3 minutes to change the world” contest. If I am selected as a finalist I will try and combine my thesis in 1 minute with my narration+dance section of my Nuit Blanche piece.

Speaking of La Nuit Blanche, it is only a few days a way and here is a little teaser of what I will be presenting and a little publicity (and here as well).

The whole team working on the Nuit Blanche piece!!! Photo by Adrienne Surprenant
The whole team working on the Nuit Blanche piece!!! Photo by Adrienne Surprenant

I also came across an article about how good data visualization is essential to communicate to policy-makers and the public (and even ensure that as scientists we fully explore datasets) and we must better use visualization tools to get our message across while minimizing bias that can come with creating visualizations. I know the authors were not talking about dance but I think in some cases it could be an interesting visualization.Video’s are also a good way to explain complex problems (here is an example about local food systems). Science communication at music festivals might also be good.


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