Last in-person surveys done

This week I did my last two in person surveys and now I am just waiting for people who have “out-standing” information missing to get back to me. Both surveys went well, only looking at one garden each. For one however, I am still waiting for some quantitative information by email. Because it’s cold outside and the gardens are closed I don’t have any pictures to share, but luckily these were big enough gardens that keep records of inputs so I don’t need to worry about not having access to the fertilizer bags to check N:P:K ratios or measure the garden size. I also got one more online submission which is great. Both garden managers were very nice and it was fun to talk a little about composting in the city at the individual and city scale and how they perceived the opportunities and draw-backs of these practices.

Next week I am hoping to get three gardens to give me missing information. I am also meeting with a company representative, and calling two other companies back, to get the P content of animal feed amounts I obtained last week.


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