Weekly update in to October

agricultural landscape in Portugal. This image makes me think about how different land-uses make up the landscape, just like each piece of research fits into a (or many) larger bodies of work

Again not much to report on the data collection front as the one follow-up interview I had scheduled got canceled and although I sent emails out, I have yet to get data or meeting dates sent back to me.

Last Saturday I did got to an Montreal food system event (JAM convergence) which I think was positive to understand the context within which my work fits. I made a few connections (although not possible survey respondents) and I look forward to discussing my work and their work and how it all fits together.

Think has brought together a number of sources (see below) that made me think of how my work (so the themes of my work, my science communication and art, and my methods) fits into a larger context.

Interesting interview with Wendel Berry on environmental and sustainability problems we are facing. It’s really about the beauty and irreplaceablility of nature and the importance of agriculture.

A little word from my collaborator Edgar on why we need art-science collaboration.

A nice resource about doing interviews (in the sense of data collection, not preparing for a job).

Website on Los Angeles UA, which is kind of like the AUMTL site but a different type of synthesis. I could see how the work I am interested in, which is both about quantification and about the social and biophysical context P (and other resource) management happens in, could fit into such a synthesis.


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