Art-science collaboration moving forward

Again this week not much to report on data collection. I have just been sending out reminder emails, working on writing up my methods section and exploring the data that has been collected.

On a positive note, we (my art and dance collaborators and I) have been preselected (just waiting on confirmation for the physical location) to be part of the Art Souterrain festival and perform our participatory dance piece on the importance of P cycling at La Nuit Blanche March 1st 2014. This is a piece done with The Sensorium and as a smaller piece part of my larger project idea of P is for play which I have mentioned in a previous post. This week I have been working on some of the technical specifics of putting the performance together and we have put out the call to get hire 5 dancers (I think we have them now) and start rehearsals in November.

In addition to thinking about my own dance work, I came across (through a twitter link) some nice dance-science communication, this time about statistics.

Photo credit: Eve Marie Beauchemin



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