Harvesting in the field and in the data

School yard garden

Last Friday I was suppose to meet with an organization that oversees many schoolyard gardens and do 7 surveys at once.  With vacation schedules however it ended up not being an ideal day to get the data so we decided to put survey-taking until late august. I did however get the chance to tour one of the school gardens, and two gardens in distant neighborhoods who also agreed to take the survey.

The three garden visits were very different and really highlighted the differences in motivations, organization, and technologies use in UA. One of the gardens I had visited two months ago and it was wonderful to see it in full production (see pictures below). I also got to eat green beans in one of the school gardens and have an indepth presentation about a new rooftop garden project. Although I didn’t complete any of the survey’s in their entirety, it gave me a great chance to remind participants with whom I still needed pieces of data that I would be recontacting them, and tell the new survey takers exactly what data they would need to fill out the survey in late august. As I have mentioned previously, face-to-face contact definitely seems the best way to ensure survey participation.

May 15th in the garden
July 26th in the garden
July 26th in the garden

Yesterday I also got to harvest some lovely blueberries and raspberries on Ile-Perrot just before the rain set in. It was a great way to start the week, when I will be visiting and surveying two large projects that both have multiple gardens and partnerships.


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