Third time is a charm

Photo credit: Alex Pritz

This week I went to La Tohu/ Complex Environmental Saint-Michel area for the third time in 2 months. This time was great with beautiful sun shinning. It was wonderful because our survey respondent already had all of the survey filled-out, I got to take a walk and see the “famous” composting piles, and we also got some footage for our Montreal Ecosystems at your Service project so that we can interview another person at the center about their environmental education activities.

No luck on getting meetings with the larger farms this week, but I am hoping we will be more successful next week to get scheduled meetings before the end of June (even though the next two Mondays are holidays). Still, we are slowly but surely getting some meetings with individual gardeners and community gardens. I am now dropping off paper surveys with explanation letters at the doors of people with front-yard vegetable gardens, and I am also disseminating the call for survey participation through facebook and other listservs to try and get more respondents.

Still in that holding pattern but I know its probably the calm before the storm (a good storm of data that is)……


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